Welcome to The Inquisitive Mind Tutoring Services

It has been my pleasure to provide tutoring to Seattle-area youth for over two decades as The Inquisitive Mind.

I work with a wide variety of students and subject areas. Some students come for enrichment above and beyond the standard school curriculum, others for support with learning differences such as dyslexia or prolonged school absences. Some come from public schools, others private schools, and some home school. Tutoring is available for a variety of reasons including early reader support, stregthening writing skills, study skills, mathematics through algebra/geometry and more.

If you are considering tutoring options, please call or email to discuss your family's situation and needs. I look forward to your call and helping find the best resources for your child's educational success.

Lori Wright

For more information about how Lori Wright's tutoring may help your child, email lori@theinquisitivemind or call.

During the school year please call (206)763-3424 before 2pm.

During the summer please call between 8am-9:30am or after 5:00pm

2222 SW Thistle St., Seattle WA 98106