Tutoring Fee Schedule and Policies

Tutoring services are billed on an hour-session basis. The standard rate for tutoring is based on the program commitment as determined in consultation with the family.

Tutoring rates are:

One hour session per week - $68 per session

Two+ hours of sessions per week - $60 per session

Tutoring tuition, like most educational services, is payable in advance. Monthly tutoring payments are due on the 1st of the month or at the first monthly tutoring session.


Education is a family value! To support this value The Inquisitive Mind offers two discounted family programs depending on the individual needs of families.

When multiple family members are individually tutored in one-on-one sessions, the hours are combined to provide the maximum discounted standard rate. For example, two siblings each independently tutored one hour per week would result in the 2 hour-per-week rate of $60/hour.


As an integral part of your child's educational success, the tutor may be called upon to work together as part of a team with teachers, counselors or other school officials upon your request. Phone conversations and on-site conferences with teachers, counselors, school administrators and parents are included in the standard tutoring fees. There is no additional charge for conferences with parents, teachers, counselors, administrators or any other professionals involved in assisting students.


It is occasionally necessary to cancel or reschedule a tutoring session. As much prior notice as possible is requested to assist in scheduling personal and professional time. In the case of an absence it is necessary to provide notice prior to the day of the schedule tutoring session or the hour will be charged. Absences must be communicated through the parent or guardian to avoid miscommunication.

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